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Atomization technology

                                                      Atomization technology    
A, the technology refers to use spray atomization in a continuous reverse flowing medium to change the material into a tiny fog droplets, so as to realize the instant extraction at room temperature and in a new high efficiently energy saving mode. Base on this technical, we develop a series of atomization countercurrent extraction technology, including: spray extraction technology, spray concentiation technology and spray alcohol precipitation technology, etc. The application of new technology makes the production cycle shortened to 1/5 of the original, product recovery rate is as high as 90%; Such as water, electricity, coal consumption reduced by 40%, 60% and 40% respectively; the residues can be converted into biological fertilizer return to recycling to guarantee no waste emissions. Science and technology novelty search report shows that the technology has reached the domestic leading level (z08d658 report number: 201236000).

 Atomized extraction compared with conventional extraction technology for salvia miltiorrhiza extract (for example)









Extraction temperature

Effective composition content


The recovery rate of

Unit energy consumption

Solvent consumption,


Tons per shift

Production form

Conventional reflux extracting


The high temperature







Atomized extraction


The normal temperature







The technology is took at normal temperature, so it can be applied to many heat sensitive components, such as tea polyphenols, procyanidins, the technology has huge potential in spreading.
At present, the widely used traditional Chinese medicine component was gained in the refluxing extraction way, but refluxing extraction exist the following disadvantages: Not apply to high thermal sensitive and easily damaged components; Larger dosage of solvent, higher expense of cost; longer extraction time, higher energy consumption; The production efficiency is too low to continuous working. Modern extraction method are as follows: supercritical fluid extraction, ultrasonic wave extraction and microwave-assisted extraction, etc., these method although have the advantages of high efficiency in local part of extraction areas, but need invest a large of fund all at once and recover very slow, equipment and craft technical requirements is very harsh, popularization and application is very difficult. Therefore, Chinese medicine extraction industries are in urgent need of a kind of high efficiency and energy saving, applicative extraction technology and                                        equipment. In this situation, our company independently developed the high pressure spray extraction technology, its main principle is to liquid medicine materials by high pressure sprayer, by means of high pressure hydraulic thin tube into the material cause of high-speed atomized liquid flow, liquid flow in the solvent of high-speed movement, gradually broke up into very fine droplets, increasing the contact area of two phase and two phase concentration difference, make the Chinese medicine active ingredients were extracted completely, this technique has high extraction efficiency, is beneficial to make full use of the resources of Chinese medicine, (medical dregs utilization rate as high as 95%) and small dosage of solvent, short production cycle, the investment of equipment, lower operatin