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Project Patent

1. Using atomizing and counter-current extraction to extract danshensu, the application number: 201210086309.8.
A equipment of hyperbaric spraying and counter-current extraction to divide effective ingredients from plant with an advance method, application number: 201210230560.7.
3. A high pressure atomized combined with the current alcohol sinking technology and device, application number: 201210597486.2.

4. The company has the complete success of the shaanxi province science and technology research and development projects: "danshen medicinal crops deep processing technology and product development" (project number: 2010 k17-04);

5. The ministry of science and technology of small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund project: "efficient countercurrent spray extraction technology with";
6. Shaanxi province as a whole the innovation project of science and technology plan to support project: "high pressure spray extraction technology of preparation of salvia miltiorrhiza extract.