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Technical Elite

Our business scopein details:
1: Extract and separate effective components from plants
We have comprehensive set of stainless steel equipments, advanced technology and high-level production and management system. All these advantages guarantee of high quality plant extract.
2: Process Chinese herbal medicine
Continuous countercurrent extracting and spray drying can not only farther preserve active constituent of the herb, but also guarantee the appearance and internal quality, as well as to improve product fineness.
3: Process semi-finished products
By utilizing perfect equipment and integrative technology, we can provide high quality semi-finished products and large-scale natural plant extraction.
4: Develop new natural plant products
We supply techniques of plant effective component extraction and separation, as well as draft and revise drug quality criterion in new drug reports.
5: Identify medical materials' quality.
We guide Med Mat production and procedure through effective component analysis.
Our management principle and quality policy:
Bring new ideas to technology.