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Company Profile

Xi 'an Honson Biotechnology Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, the headquarter is located in the state-level Xi 'an high-tech industry development zone, the production base is located in SanYuan Xian li town alone. Our company specializes in salvia miltiorrhiza series product development, production and sales, import and export.
The company pays attention to the scientific research team construction and technological innovation, insist on the road of independent research and development, with the high quality r&d team and advanced research equipment. The latest scientific research achievements, atomized extraction technology series, reached the international advanced level.
Our factory covers an area of 36000 sq m, complete function, rational layout. The factory was equiped with raw materials extraction workshop, testing workshop and refining workshop, etc., constitute the full production chain of the salvia miltiorrhiza extraction, separation and purification. After 12 years of exploration and productions, the company in regard to the development of salvia miltiorrhiza natural products have been in a commanding position, the latest research of atomization series technology has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, the technical advantages and broad application prospect. Now has formed in processing 3000 tons of danshen medicinal materials, all kinds of extract 500 tons of production capacity. Sold in salvia miltiorrhiza extract products are: tanshinone IIA, tanshinones, Salvianoilc acid B, with more than ten kinds, and more than one hundred specifications, widely used in medicine, health products and cosmetics, etc.
The company insists on the principle of "technology first, quality first", build the advanced quality inspection center, with HPLC, TLC, GC and UV analysis testing instruments, such as through the national metrology accreditation, for production process and product quality indicators such as strict monitoring.
   12 years of trials and hardships, mold professional quality. Customer requirements is our goal. "Do the best supplier of salvia miltiorrhiza extract", is our eternal faith.